Refund Policy

After Sales and Customer Service Counter are the sole references for any claim of refund.

1.        Invoice and Till receipt:

Please keep your original invoice and till receipt as it is your proof of purchase and if you intend to refund any items within the conditions below. No refund will be considered without it.

2.        Box and Packing:

Please keep your items with their complete full box and inside packing if you intend to refund any items within the condition below. No refund will be considered without it.

3.        14 days money back guarantee:

If you change your mind, provided that the merchandise is as good as new, in a resalable condition & the consumables (cartridges, blank tapes, CD’s or DVD’s), and accessories (cables, charger, batteries) are still sealed, refund can be granted upon Carrefour approval within 14 days after purchase. (See article 1 & 2)


a. Duplicate items or consumables, (CD’s, DVD’s tapes, software, games, cartridges, blank DVD’s) are not subject to refund. In case they are found defective within 14 days, replacement will be granted with the same piece upon Carrefour approval. (See article 1)

b. No refund will be done for:

·         All types of underwear (Under Garments / Innerwear/swimwear)

·         Books, Newspaper and Magazines

·         Alcohols and Cigarettes

·         All fresh, frozen and bakery/pastry products

      4.        Faulty products:

If the product is found to be defective, either by an after sales Centre or commercial team, within 14 days of purchase or within the above mention (article 1, 2&3)

5.        Electronics & Home appliances:

Any item subject to home delivery will be refunded within the above-mentioned conditions, only after receiving a written confirmation of collection or non-delivery of item/s by our supplier. (See article 1)

6.         Refund mode:

Refund will be made in cash for items paid by cash. (See articles 1&2) For items paid by cards, any amount below Ugx 100,000 will be refunded by cash, above it will be credited in the same card that was used for purchase.