Price Guarantee

Price Guarantee

        Customer Service Counter is the sole reference for any price claim.

1.        Invoice and Till receipt:

Please keep your original invoice and till receipt as it is your proof of purchase if you intend to claim for any price discrepancies on any items within the conditions below. No claim will be considered without it.

2.        Claim Timing:

Any claim should be submitted the same day or by maximum the day after the purchase day notified on your invoice and till receipt. No claim will be considered after this day.

All claims have to be submitted to the same store where the purchase took place.

3.        Claim process:

If after the payment done in the store, the customer ( unfortunately) notices any price discrepancy on the receipt compared with the price showing for the same items in the selling area or on the label of the item,  Carrefour will automatically  refund the difference

· The customer will be requested to join the customer service desk with the items bought and the       invoice/receipt

· The customer service officer will check the price showing on the receipt and the one showing in the selling area or on the label of the item. 

· Control will be done using the price labels (EAN Code) or Price boards, showing in the selling area at the time of the claim

· If the discrepancy is confirmed, the customer service officer will refund the difference at the same time

4.        Refund mode:

Refund will be made in cash for items paid by cash. (See articles 1&2) For Items paid by cards, any amount below Ugx. 100,000 will be refunded by cash. 

5.        Carrefour, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to cancel or amend rules at any time without any prior notice